Audio Junction Replacement Services Inc. (AJRS) is the preeminent replacement service company for tires and wheels, home, commercial and mobile electronics for the insurance and construction industry. Our knowledge, extensive home, commercial and mobile product lines combined with outstanding customer service continue to make us a leader in the replacement business.

Since 1980, AJRS has been working with insurance companies to replace mobile electronics nationwide. In 2008, we expanded our business to include home and commercial audio and video equipment.

We are currently replacing tires and wheels, home, commercial and mobile electronics nationwide through our preferred installation professionals. We also added home and commercial control products in 2008, for new and retrofit construction. The control systems we offer allow you to use technology to monitor and run your home or commercial electronic systems from anywhere.

Headquartered in Manhattan, Kansas, the AJRS staff is made up of home, commercial and mobile electronic experts standing by to answer all of your questions and take new assignments.