What We Do

AJRS is the preeminent mobile electronic replacement company for the insurance industry. Knowledge, product and the best customer service in the industry give AJRS the clear lead in the replacement business.

As the only national replacement company with factory authorized agreements with all major product lines, we provide fast, accurate product replacement at wholesale pricing.

AJRS also provides Real-Time Vehicle Inspections. Our Vehicle Inspection Team coordinates and reports real-time inspections to give you all the photos, details and insights you need to ensure that the equipment replaced is exactly what is owed.

We do what we say we will do. When we say we will do it. For the best price.

What We Don't Do

We don't mark down from fictional retail prices. Instead, we base our cost on industry-published cost sheets. This ensures that you are paying the absolute lowest prices possible, while giving your insureds the added benefit of buying directly from a factory authorized dealer.

We don't believe in automated answering services. At AJRS, you speak with a live person from the moment you first call.

We don't believe in large phone banks full of so called 'claim reps' that don't know mobile electronics or your industry. Rather, we employ a modest-sized, highly-trained and motivated group of experts that are waiting to take your call.

We don't believe a vehicle inspection should be left to chance by simply asking someone to fill out a report. We control the inspection by being on the phone to get the details as the inspector actually looks at the vehicle.


Step 1

First, new claims are submitted to AJRS over the phone or through AJRS online. AJRS quickly guides you through a series of questions, to have thorough and accurate information to handle the claim quickly the first time.

Step 2

Your customer is contacted that same business day, guaranteed. At AJRS, we believe in getting the insured back to their pre-loss condition in the quickest and most efficient fashion.

Step 3

Whether you request a Vehicle Inspection or not, AJRS feels it is our duty to do everything possible to ensure that the claim you are authorizing is legitimate. Collecting and reviewing receipts, and discussing the vehicle and all equipment within are vital steps we take during the replacement process.

Step 4

The replacement process and equipment are coordinated with the insured and the installer of their choice. The AJRS Voucher comes with the product to give the customer all the convenience of buying locally, while giving you the control you need.