Upon receiving a claim, AJRS reviews the claim to ensure that all pertinent information is available: NI information, year, make and model of the vehicle and VIN.

A trained AJRS representative will then make initial contact with the insured, and let them know that we are here to help them get through this horrific incident as quickly and easily as possible.

The AJRS claim representative will go over the procedures with the insured, and discuss payment of deductible (if applicable), as well as gather information on the type of wheels and tires that were stolen (OEM, re-manufactured or aftermarket).

If the tires had been replaced, the AJRS claim representative will gather the documents for proof of purchase, either from the insured or from the shop where the tires were purchased.

Once AJRS has located the correct wheels and tires, AJRS will deploy a mobile installation team to install the new wheels and tires ON SITE. Typically, new wheels and tires are installed within 24 to 48 business hours (many the same day), and all wheels and tires come electronically balanced.

In cases where the vehicle is not sitting on level, secure ground or the vehicle is in an area that violates HOA rules, temporary wheels and tires may be available to transport the vehicle to a shop without the need of expensive tow trucks.

Before the AJRS certified installer mounts the new wheels and tires, they visually inspect the vehicle for other damages, as well as take photos of the vehicle to save on file.

Once the installation process is complete, the vehicle is test driven to ensure a smooth driving experience.